This last week has been crazy. We had fly out for a funeral unexpected and than got back last night. and than have to travel again tomorrow so i planned to take 4 days off while we were gone and than today since we are at our own gym I decided to do legs. I don’t like to train legs outside my gym, i have what i want in my gym for my legs days so i just like to make sure i can always do them at home. My upper body ill train at other gyms while we are gone the new few days.

Today leg training was short in volume but decent

Leg Extensions: 3 working sets of 10 at weight of 300, my stack is pretty heavy feel and goes up to 400 which very hard to move
Back Squat: Barbell – 495 for 3 working sets of 10,10, 7
Lying Leg curl 3×10 with the stack which was about 200 lbs
Stiff leg Deadlift working with sets of 8-10 with 315

that was it. but i am actually sore tonight already. i think for me what gets me is when I do volume sets with the same weight so squating 495 for multiple sets of 8-10 vs going heavier for less reps I think for now is what I am responding to.

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