This was a good training day, felt good and my goals now are to hit more volume with a heavy weight on my quads vs going up heavier for more max type lifts.

1. Leg Extensions – pause contraction holds for 4×10 and 4th set ended up being a drop set for about 30 reps.
2. Normal Back Squats – 3×8 with 495
3. Leg Extension with the back rest removed, we do this so we can’t rest our back against anything and this helps us engage the very high end up the quad split and so we did 3×12 with a good contraction hold and than supersetted this with leg presses for 12-15 reps doing slow negatives and a hold at the bottom to really feel the quads.

4. Finish with Calves

BACK/HAMSTRING/BICEP DAY – normally I wouldn’t do this but because of my schedule I don’t have time to train this weekend and so I just combined it all and focused a little more on going heavier and working up to a heavy 1 or 2 sets – back I am training heavier as I’m just trying to build thickness right now so I am doing more volume sometimes like on quads and other times I am doing just heavy.

Exercise 1: Lying leg Curls – these felt pretty strong today so decided to go heavier on my next movement – worked up in progressive sets going 3 heavy sets of each heavier than set before.
Exercise 2: Deadlifts – warmed up as progressed through by adding a plate each set until got to my working weight at 585. Did 3 reps for the 1st set. these felt the best they ever had and I felt i had more reps in me but a personal goal right now is to pull 675 (7 plates each side) and I didn’t budge the weight last time we pulled heavy but i felt good and so I tried it again and didn’t get it but I broke ground and started moving up so progress is being made. Than dropped back to 585 and did another set of 3 – I am not into powerlifting so i am not focusing on the deadilft at all but it just a personal challenge to see if i can pull 675 especially after where I was at a year ago when I was super low T and missing 500 sometimes where sometimes I could pull it and other days I felt like crap and just couldn’t budge it. I have got 655 over the summer so once I get 675 that will be my upper limit and I won’t try to go above that and will continue than focusing on volume like I do with Squats now and figure at that point I will needed to go away from the power lifts as far as max effort anyways to make sure I keep my core small and tight so that a end of the year/january goal for me as I probably won’t pull now for a month and focus on other lifts such as heavy bent-over rows, rack pulls etc
Exercise 3: Chest supported Incline Barbell rows worked up to 2 sets of 8 with 3 plates each side on a smith machine
Exercise 4: Weighted Pull-ups – worked up to 2 sets of 8 with 30 pound weight
Exercise 5: Standing Single Leg Curl 3×10 working up to the stack on the machine
Exercise 6: Hammer Strength Preacher Curls
Exercise 7: Standing DB Curl

Good lift today, felt like a long one as like said this not a normal training day for me but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do so you get something in vs just missing a body-part all together that week. So typically I do back on Fri and Hamstring on sat. So for the weekends we just can’t train than I can combine both days and that is when i will typically do deadlifts and focus more on strength since my volume going to be low and only doing a couple movements per body-part and deadlifts pretty much hit everything.

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