Late night chest training . Training at 10pm at night isn’t always ideal especially when you get up at 5am each day but sometimes you either train or you have to skip it so got the kids to bed than to the gym for some loud music and volume chest/tricep training

Movement 1- flat DB bench pictured above 3×5-6 with 185, last set only got 3 though

movement 2 – incline Smith machine press with 3 plates each side 4×8 and 4th set only got 6

Movement 3 – incline cable fly 4×10

Movement 4 – tricep pushdown 3×12

Movement 5 – close grip bench 3×8

– late night call it a day. With my volume training now my goal is to hit a heavy weight for multiple sets. I don’t really care to lift heavier but in past I work up to a high rep set with a heavy weight and now the goal is to hit that same weight but grow through hitting that weight for 3 to 4 sets now vs 1-2 which really taxes the body for now.

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