I am pretty happy with where everything is at right now. I’m still growing sitting in the lower 300s from 300-305 range and i’m using a pretty basic training method of just pushing as hard as I can when I train. Nothing crazy as far as drop sets or super sets or any of that stuff as I’ll save that for prep but for just maximum growth I find that hitting 3 sets at a heavy weight and pushing the volume is what is working best. That doesn’t mean go progressively heavier each set of the three but rather pick a weight that is a maximum weight for say 8 reps and then do 3 sets and when you start doing that you will find that you can get through the first 2 sets but that 3rd set is the deal breaker set where your body really has to strain to still complete a full 3rd set and that is where i believe I am responding very well to and getting good growth as finish up this offseason phase. The other key component I have started doing is moving the big compound lifts like squats/deadlifts to the end of a training session when the body is fatigued but than going just as heavy as if it was the first set of the day and that seems to work well to.

Here is a look at my hamstring training from this week. I don’t do the same thing twice ever but I do focus on intensity always so I train on a strict 3 day on, 1 day off rotation so that I can push hard training session than rest vs going 5 or 6 days in a row.

Also took some progress photos of the hamstrings and again I am very please where everything is at. You can see good thickness in the hamstrings in the back pose and a very good drop in the hamstring in the side pose with the glutes staying tight to. So everything going very well and see how it all plays out next year.




*sets listed are just working sets, no warm-up sets are included, I usually do at least 1 warm-up set and on heavier lifts like stiff leg did 3 or 4 warm-up sets and than on first movement on lying leg curl I do about 3 warm-up sets and than usually 1 light set to feel a movement out after that.

Exercise 1: Lying Leg Curl 3×8 with the stack plus a 45 pound plate

Exercise 2: Hammer Strength Stiff Leg Deadlifts 3×8 with 5 plates each side. This is a favorite of mine, this movement I like to do if i have been training back pretty hard so I want to keep as much pressure off my low back as I can. And right now I do Back than train hamstrings the next day and I typically will deadlift right now on back day so I like to do this movement to get a stiff leg in but not tax the low back and even though I’m going really heavy it is all in the hamstring where i’m feeling this

Exercise 3: Standing Single Leg Curl 3×8 with the stack

Exercise 4: Glute Ham Machine with heavy Blue band 3×8-10

Exercise 5: Outer Thigh Machine – see the outer part of the glute in the pic, that why. 3×15

Calves; 5 sets of 15 with 3 plates in smith machine – this is actually the first calf sets i’ve done in about a month, I’m not huge on calves, here a fact of life, you either got em or you don’t so don’t waste a lot countless energy over training them. You can make them more detailed but to actually grow the calves that pretty genetic. So if I have time i’ll train them if not I don’t worry about them. Once I get into contest prep than i’ll train them regularly to make sure they have good detail.

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