I initially had a hard time wanting to write this blog, and then I ran into a lady who stopped me and said how much she loved seeing my posts about my pregnancy. She appreciated how open and honest I was about everything and thanked me for sharing. I couldn’t have ran into this person at a better time. The truth of all of this is…….having two kids and being a mom is HARD! Half the time I feel like I am failing terribly so how on earth do I share my fitness journey with all of you and how I am doing at being a mom. Well I share it by telling you I am not perfect, I probably do a million things wrong a day but in the end I am finding every mom usually feels the same way.
​When I started this journey with my first daughter I really didn’t know what it would lead to or where life would take me. To conceive with my first seemed like it would never happen and I was told it might not happen; so you can imagine my shock when 9 months after my first child I found out I was pregnant again! I couldn’t have been happier and then my over thinking brain started…..how the heck would I lose the weight again, I was just pregnant! Will I have loose skin, will I be able to keep up with a toddler, how will I work out after, will my boobs go to hell even more, and the list went on!
​Well the answer to some of these questions have come, mainly my boobs did go to hell and I still have no clue how to manage working out and being a mom. I never keep up with my toddler. A normal 30 minutes with my toddler means her jumping over the back of the couch, crawling up on the toilet to get to the counter, taking everything I have put away out, throwing a tantrum in between than she attempts to wrestle her newborn sister…….. I mean she never stops! I feel like 90% of the time I should be able to count cardio as chasing a her. Lastly I have learned that no matter how much I try being on a laptop it doesn’t work right now but my phone is always accessible. So I will now be posting all of my blogs on my facebook page. So follow my page under Shawna Post Prego Mom Transformation. Here you will see workout videos, my menus and more!
​So here is what I have been doing this first month post baby. I didn’t diet at all the first 2 weeks. I ate when I was hungry and I didn’t just eat junk all day but when I did eat I ate what I wanted. I focused on drinking water every time I breast fed and rested when I could. Which lets be honest this didn’t mean sleep but it meant letting my toddler watch an embarrassing amount of Disney movies. I broke down crying probably a couple times a week and actually at week two I completely lost it and decided breast feeding just wasn’t for me….. I am not ashamed to admit this either. At first I kind of was because really 2 weeks? But I felt like I was in prison, I constantly was holding my newborn and I felt like my oldest was getting ignored and more. So I decided that no matter how good breast milk was for her, being a good mom was more important and stressed out I wasn’t able to do that. And in the end of all my stressing we discovered my newborn was just like my toddler and has an allergy to breast milk ! Knowing this 2 weeks prior would have saved me a lot of stress and not to mention pain to my nipples.
So my initial weight loss was 184 to 166. And when I stopped breast feeding the weight loss did slow down. Right now I am 5 weeks post baby at 163 and the focus from here on out is to keep my calories high and get my metabolism increased while eating more food. At this point I don’t want the weight to keep falling quickly I want the last bit to be slower so I can focus on building back my lean muscle mass. This will help for my body to tighten up as I keep dropping. I want to get to my pre baby weight of 156 and once there I am planning on cutting down more since I am done having babies and no longer have restrictions due to no upcoming fertility treatments.
For workouts I just started this week and I am really focusing on using a lot of body weight movements since I have absolutely no abdominal or lower back strength. My workouts seem like they should be so damn easy and they kick my butt! I look like I am dying by the end. Now some of you might see my videos about my workouts that I am starting to post and think ‘it must be nice having an in home set up like that…..’. Well, yes it is but also my husband and I together decided that this was important for me to have in order to help manage my time, because time management is my survival right now. So yes, it was a decent investment but it is also long term and its cheaper than counseling. If I am learning anything it is to make my life easier in ways that I can and to let go of the things I cannot eliminate right now. If you follow my workouts and try them at home I will also try and post some modified movements that you can do with a basic in home set up.
I hope all of you that are following my journey are able to learn something from me. That being said I hope you also appreciate my open honesty. I promise to give it to you straight.
So here is my first meal plan……and yep the ‘my cookie’ on it saves me from wanting to eat chocolate every day. I save the cookie for when I feel like I am at my breaking point during the day and it’s a nice little pick me up. As I post I will also share secrets to how I prepare my food, things I do to my shakes to keep them interesting and yummy and so much more.
Meal 1
– ½ up krusteaz gluten free pancake or 2/3 cup red mill oat bran (measure both dry)
– ½ cup blueberries
– 4 johnsonville pre cooked turkey sausage
Meal 2
– 1 scoop VPRO vegan protein
– 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 serving of fruit
– Or 1 my cookie
Meal 3
-3 oz chicken
– ½ cup cooked jasmine rice or 5 oz red potato or 4 thin mission corn tortillas (sometimes I switch dinner and lunch carbs)
– veggies
Meal 4
– 1 scoop VPRO vegan protein
– 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 serving of fruit or 2 white cheddar rice cakes
Meal 5
– 5 oz cooked salmon or steak
– 6 oz sweet potato
– Veggies
Meal 6
– 2 tbsp jiffy all natural peanut butter (this helps curve my cravings before bed)
I hope that all of you enjoy my posts and I encourage all of you to follow my page under Shawnas Post Prego Mom Transformation. The first video is up with crying baby and all in the background 😉

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