Today training was Shoulders and biceps. Felt pretty good. I have worked up to 145 pound DB presses for 5 and than 8 reps several weeks ago when I did these, so today coming back to DBs after a few weeks my goal was to hit 3×8 with 145s which I did exactly that.

DB Side Rise 3×10
Underhand Barbell Front Raise 3×12
Hammer Strength Standing Shrug 3×10
Bent-over rear delt single arm cable fly 3×12

Preacher Hammer Strength Curl 4×8-10
Seated Alternating DB Curl 4×10 each

Warmed up with abs for about 200 reps on the ball.
Warmed up the delts before pressing with 3 light sets of 15 on the lateral raise machine and stretching.

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