One of the things about Carly’s physique is that she is bottom heavy. She leans out very fast in her upper body but her legs take quite a while. So knowing this we planned on a long prep so that it could be a slower process with the goal to not sacrifice her upper body as we pushed to get her lower body to come in which her legs have finally started to come together the last couples but this prep started at the end of January so you figure it has taken her 5 full months of dieting just to get her legs to the point where they are coming together.
I think as she progresses in the sport and gets older (she is still only 22) and continues to develop and get more muscle maturity her legs will become easier and easier to get leaner. Her goal is to stay leaner this offseason and she will have to maintain cardio in the offseason as well which will help. But part of the reason she did soften up more than we had planned on this past offseason was 1. After the USAs in 2015 she looked great but was just undersized as she was only 20 years old at that show and we just wanted to see her get on stage at that next level and see where she was at. And the fact that she met Nicole Wilkins who gave her some valuable one on one time in the gym before the show and again at the show was worth it just for that. One of the biggest pieces of advice she gave Carly was to not rush her physique. She said so many women push their body’s too hard to fast and they end up burning out before they ever hit their true peak. So after that show she competed again a few weeks later at the Tahoe Show but than took all of 2016 off to just grow and develop and so with the goal to just eat and grow she softened up but also the other reason in which I’m not going to go into detail in this write up because it an entire write up in itself but she went on birth control and that is a huge no no women who are competing in the sport completely. To basically sum it up quickly, hormone releasing birth control (doesn’t matter if it lose dose) will inhibit your body from utilizing it own natural testosterone and since testosterone is a key factor in your muscle mass which also is a factor in your metabolism it effects those therefore your body softens up and it take a several months (3-6 months) for your body to clear this out of it system so it no longer affects your physique. So she went off it late in the fall and so at the time of her starting prep photos she more than likely still had some birth control hormone effects still in her system. The reason I am mentioning this briefly is because for women who want to compete competitively your birth control is a factor. As always you can contact us to discuss this if you fall in this situation.
Her prep started at the end of January at 167 pounds. We started this prep actually with the thought that she may be able to do Junior Nationals in the middle of June. She started off at about 2100 calories with 225g of carbs and doing cardio 3 days a week for 20 minutes. There wasn’t anything to fancy going on at this point and it was just a basic macro split. She choices to always follow a meal plan. We do offer flexible dieting and we will cover that approach when we go over Brittney prep but for Carly she has always been on a meal plan. The first month everything progresses as expected. Our goal is to be in the 1-2 pound a week weight loss drop initially. The first month she dropped 7 pounds so right in that goal. That goal for us means she is maintaining her muscle mass and dropping water/body-fat. Her body-fat at that point was at about 18.5% so going by above where I am saying she was soft it should be noted that her body-fat was just fine for every day fitness shape but for her physique and history she was soft for her at the start. We really didn’t make any changes or add any cardio at all for the first 3 weeks. At week 4 is when we adjusted her carbs and fats and decreased carbs down to 175g and increased her fats up to 60g (from 45g) and left her protein the same. These changes brought her down from 163 to that 7 pound drop that first month. When she was at 160 we dropped her carbs again to 140 and left fats/protein the same and then started doing carb ups once a week. From here she dropped to 158 pounds over the next few weeks but now she is slowed down to 1 pound per week weight loss which is still in that 1-2 pound a week range. Now at this point everything for her slows way down and you have to really go off body-fat and progress photos to see her physique changing. To give you an idea she weighed 158 pounds March 9th and this week she weighed 153 pounds So basically that averages out to a weight loss of 1 pound per month since back in early March to now. So as you can see this can really mess with your mind. And actually if you really want to be technical she was 153 pounds at the Boise show which was 2 months out and so she really hasn’t lost any weight in the last 2 months. But until the Boise we pretty much ran a simple moderate carb plan with about 100-125g of carbs a day with a weekly high carb day of about 200-250g depending on the progress for that week. Cardio didn’t get to crazy at that point either. We kept cardio around 30 minutes a day for most of this time frame through the first 3 months of her prep knowing that after the Boise we were going to really ramp things up with cardio to twice a day. So I didn’t want to burn her out once we decided to not do Jr Nationals. Once a week she did a cardio session on the track. But most of her cardio at the start with a half intervals and half steady state so if she 5 cardio sessions: 2 were steady, 2 were intervals and 1 was track day.
Why did we do the Boise show so early. The easy answer is she needed to get requalified for USAs and the original plan was to do the Washington State which would have been this past weekend to get requalified but than I was thinking 1. I don’t want her stressed out wondering whether or not she would get qualified at 3 weeks out but 2. I also told her that I don’t care where you are at in your prep that if you are truly a national competitor you should be able to walk into the Boise show and qualify no problem just based on her shape. So we knew she wasn’t going to be conditioned like she is going to be here in a week and half and even just right now but we knew she would be good enough and rely just simply on her tiny waist and wide lat spread and sure enough she won the overall for figure. I told Bailey this exact same thing last year before she went to do Nationals where she placed 4th at Nationals but she also won the Boise show Figure overall before that. The 3rd reason was that for Carly at the time of the Boise show she was already at a full prep time frame wise as most competitors so her body is going to start to wear down with the prep process so doing a show and then doing a post show re-feed where she just gets a day to go eat and eat whatever will reset her metabolism and get her moving again and it did just that.
Post Boise Show. After the Boise show her prep changed. Her metabolism revved up and for the next couple weeks we actually started at 160g of carbs and get her fats really low at 15g which means no direct sources of fat and her body just responded. Again we can’t go off weight loss but the shape, the body-fat was dropping and everything was moving super smooth so from 8 weeks out from the USAs after Boise to 5 week out from the USAs we didn’t change a thing and just ran with it since she was responding. That is important as a prep coach is being able to reach someone physique and just go with the flow and not get stuck in the we must do it this way. At about 5 week out her body slowed down so at this point we went back to a lower carb but still at 100g a day and did a weekly carb up. After the Boise show we also increased cardio to twice a day doing 40 min fasted and 40 min post lifting 5 days a week and with the carb increase this worked nicely and helped with that lean out over those 3 weeks. Than we switched to 50 min fasted and cut a little back post workout to 35 min. These last 8 weeks there were no track workouts, just gym cardio.
Mock peak. Now one of the hang ups with the Boise show was that we were not able to do anything as far as seeing how her body would peak because 1. She was too far out so her physique wouldn’t be the same as it would be at 3 weeks out from USAs and 2. She started her period Thursday before the Boise show so she was PMSing all week which also changes things going into a peak and again there that is when as a coach you have to adapt to the current situation and just go with it. So we didn’t really gain anything knowledge wise out of the Boise show other than she got re-qualified which she needed to do and that eliminated some stress which was good. So at 3 weeks out I wanted to run her through an actual peak and see how her body responded so I could gain info on what we might do when it counts So for this week I was mainly wanting to track 2 things. 1. How did she respond to not pulling sodium and 2. How she respond to pushing water. In the past because we are always looking to get her legs leaner we have always pulled sodium but the problem with pulling sodium is it makes it hard to fill out and get hard the day of the show even when you add it back in and this is why often times competitors will say they feel they looked better the day after the show once they have gone and ate which is mainly taking in a lot of sodium. So for this 3 week out mock peak week we kept her diet the same through the week until Friday and then Friday since we were going to keep salt in and push water than you have to pull carbs back because you have to remember that you have 3 options and you can’t do all 3 and that is the muscle is made up of water, sodium and carbs (glycogen) and so a rule of thumb when you think about depleting I look at those 3 factors so I eliminate 1 in order to peak someone therefore since we are going with sodium and water we pulled carbs out Friday until about 8pm when we shut water off and she had to drink 2.5 gallons of water by 8pm. She also cut her sodium out at 8pm as well. Once we cut water and sodium out than she added in some carbs the next few hours. This approach cut her from 153 down to 149 and had a really nice look that Sat mid day for her photo shoot. So this will probably be the approach we take next weekend. Her body-fat at this point was at about 10.1% depleted.
From this mock peak we changed things up again. That night after her photo shoot she was able to go do a steak and fries and so coming off that now I am looking at getting her truly to peak now for USAs. So we cut carbs all the way out for a couple days and went back to the 40AM/40PM cardio routine. This lasted from Sunday through Thursday and then from here we went back up in carbs to about 100g and than dropped her fats way down to no direct sources of fats for a few days. At this point her cardio switched to where it is now and that is we have been doing an approach where if she has carbs in than we go 40 min fasted and 40 min post but the first 15 min she does ten 30 second sprints with 60-90 second recovery walk in between each sprint. Than she does 25 min of steady cardio after that to finish it out. Than some days she does straight 50 min fasted and that the only cardio for the day. So we have been rotating through the 2 a days with the 40/40 and the 50min as well as after her leg day she just does the ten 30 second sprints only on that day. So her cardio isn’t the same every day and going a lot by how her body feels and seems to be progressing. But everything is on track. She was at 10% body-fat in the comparison photo here on Monday which is great because she was 10% depleted and now she is 10% not depleted so our goal to peak is to bring her down probably another percent. This week (2 week out) is her hardest week of the prep. Once she gets to Saturday it will be a cake walk for her as we cut cardio all the way out and just focus on short workouts with weights and rest so that her body can peak. Remember a peak comes from your muscle being rested not being over trained so it is important to scale back at the end and if you are trying to make up ground the last week than your just not ready at that point.
And so we will see what happens here next weekend. This is still a very abbreviated version of her prep as it is impossible to write about 6 months of prep in just 3 pages but if you are reading this we hope it gives you some insight into her contest prep and what goes on. Next time we will discuss another competitors approach as just remember when you are looking for a coach that a coach shouldn’t have just one approach, a coach should be able to use a variety of approaches based on what they feel will work best for that individual as every one is a little different.

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I initially had a hard time wanting to write this blog, and then I ran into a lady who stopped me and said how much she loved seeing my posts about my pregnancy. She appreciated how open and honest I was about everything and thanked me for sharing. I couldn’t have ran into this person at a better time. The truth of all of this is…….having two kids and being a mom is HARD! Half the time I feel like I am failing terribly so how on earth do I share my fitness journey with all of you and how I am doing at being a mom. Well I share it by telling you I am not perfect, I probably do a million things wrong a day but in the end I am finding every mom usually feels the same way.
​When I started this journey with my first daughter I really didn’t know what it would lead to or where life would take me. To conceive with my first seemed like it would never happen and I was told it might not happen; so you can imagine my shock when 9 months after my first child I found out I was pregnant again! I couldn’t have been happier and then my over thinking brain started…..how the heck would I lose the weight again, I was just pregnant! Will I have loose skin, will I be able to keep up with a toddler, how will I work out after, will my boobs go to hell even more, and the list went on!
​Well the answer to some of these questions have come, mainly my boobs did go to hell and I still have no clue how to manage working out and being a mom. I never keep up with my toddler. A normal 30 minutes with my toddler means her jumping over the back of the couch, crawling up on the toilet to get to the counter, taking everything I have put away out, throwing a tantrum in between than she attempts to wrestle her newborn sister…….. I mean she never stops! I feel like 90% of the time I should be able to count cardio as chasing a her. Lastly I have learned that no matter how much I try being on a laptop it doesn’t work right now but my phone is always accessible. So I will now be posting all of my blogs on my facebook page. So follow my page under Shawna Post Prego Mom Transformation. Here you will see workout videos, my menus and more!
​So here is what I have been doing this first month post baby. I didn’t diet at all the first 2 weeks. I ate when I was hungry and I didn’t just eat junk all day but when I did eat I ate what I wanted. I focused on drinking water every time I breast fed and rested when I could. Which lets be honest this didn’t mean sleep but it meant letting my toddler watch an embarrassing amount of Disney movies. I broke down crying probably a couple times a week and actually at week two I completely lost it and decided breast feeding just wasn’t for me….. I am not ashamed to admit this either. At first I kind of was because really 2 weeks? But I felt like I was in prison, I constantly was holding my newborn and I felt like my oldest was getting ignored and more. So I decided that no matter how good breast milk was for her, being a good mom was more important and stressed out I wasn’t able to do that. And in the end of all my stressing we discovered my newborn was just like my toddler and has an allergy to breast milk ! Knowing this 2 weeks prior would have saved me a lot of stress and not to mention pain to my nipples.
So my initial weight loss was 184 to 166. And when I stopped breast feeding the weight loss did slow down. Right now I am 5 weeks post baby at 163 and the focus from here on out is to keep my calories high and get my metabolism increased while eating more food. At this point I don’t want the weight to keep falling quickly I want the last bit to be slower so I can focus on building back my lean muscle mass. This will help for my body to tighten up as I keep dropping. I want to get to my pre baby weight of 156 and once there I am planning on cutting down more since I am done having babies and no longer have restrictions due to no upcoming fertility treatments.
For workouts I just started this week and I am really focusing on using a lot of body weight movements since I have absolutely no abdominal or lower back strength. My workouts seem like they should be so damn easy and they kick my butt! I look like I am dying by the end. Now some of you might see my videos about my workouts that I am starting to post and think ‘it must be nice having an in home set up like that…..’. Well, yes it is but also my husband and I together decided that this was important for me to have in order to help manage my time, because time management is my survival right now. So yes, it was a decent investment but it is also long term and its cheaper than counseling. If I am learning anything it is to make my life easier in ways that I can and to let go of the things I cannot eliminate right now. If you follow my workouts and try them at home I will also try and post some modified movements that you can do with a basic in home set up.
I hope all of you that are following my journey are able to learn something from me. That being said I hope you also appreciate my open honesty. I promise to give it to you straight.
So here is my first meal plan……and yep the ‘my cookie’ on it saves me from wanting to eat chocolate every day. I save the cookie for when I feel like I am at my breaking point during the day and it’s a nice little pick me up. As I post I will also share secrets to how I prepare my food, things I do to my shakes to keep them interesting and yummy and so much more.
Meal 1
– ½ up krusteaz gluten free pancake or 2/3 cup red mill oat bran (measure both dry)
– ½ cup blueberries
– 4 johnsonville pre cooked turkey sausage
Meal 2
– 1 scoop VPRO vegan protein
– 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 serving of fruit
– Or 1 my cookie
Meal 3
-3 oz chicken
– ½ cup cooked jasmine rice or 5 oz red potato or 4 thin mission corn tortillas (sometimes I switch dinner and lunch carbs)
– veggies
Meal 4
– 1 scoop VPRO vegan protein
– 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
– 1 serving of fruit or 2 white cheddar rice cakes
Meal 5
– 5 oz cooked salmon or steak
– 6 oz sweet potato
– Veggies
Meal 6
– 2 tbsp jiffy all natural peanut butter (this helps curve my cravings before bed)
I hope that all of you enjoy my posts and I encourage all of you to follow my page under Shawnas Post Prego Mom Transformation. The first video is up with crying baby and all in the background 😉

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Newsletter March 23rd – Shawna Pregnancy Comparison

I wish I was that girl who has a baby and leaves the hospital in her normal every day jeans. Or the girl who you see squatting insane weights at 35 weeks pregnant…… But I am not. I dropped exactly the weight of my child when I left the hospital, and I am squatting a whopping 10 pound dumbbells in each hand while pregnant. I am not exactly a superhero when it comes to being pregnant. The funny thing is I always find myself trying to compare myself to other girls who are smaller or who can freaking run miles pregnant, or hell not even look pregnant when they are due in a matter of weeks. But why?

The point of this whole write up is to basically say I am human. I have been checking in with all of you and posting photos and my weight as I have carried this second baby. And yes there has been a long delay between my last post and now. To be honest I felt like I was failing at my point of trying to be a “role model” to other women. But in my weeks of self pitty if you want to call it, I realized this is exactly why all of you women are choosing to follow me. I have nothing to hide, be ashamed of or to lie to any of you about. So, guess you can say I put on my big girl panties and decided to take some pics and actually reflect back on my first pregnancy in comparison to where I am in now.

The last few months have felt like a whirl wind of just random crap that keeps occurring. I haven’t been able to train like I would like to due to the amazing sensation of a bowling ball feeling like it is going to fall out of my crotch. Bad mental image sure but for those of you who have had babies you get my drift. I still chase my daughter around, take her to the park, attempt short walks so I can make it back to a bathroom and I just try to be a fun and active mom for my baby girl. But for some reason that doesn’t always feel like I am doing enough and I am not sure why. Maybe because I own a gym and I am supposed to be the guru of pregnant girls…….. lol well sorry ladies that is not going to happen! But what I have promised you since day one is the raw and honest truth.

This is why today I compared my photos from 2 weeks post baby to me now at 35 weeks pregnant. I wanted to see for myself if I was doing a better job this pregnancy. I really was quite shocked at the results. In my post baby pics I weigh 193 pounds, in my 35 week photo I weigh 178 pounds (this is morning weight of course cause who wants to add the extra you gain by night time….). After all the stress I feel like I was trying to put on myself to work even harder at being a fit prego mom, I forgot to just look at the great things I have accomplished this pregnancy. And now I have to ask myself why is that? I eat what I want 2 times a week, I don’t count calories, I choose clean foods, I eat when I am hungry, I drink a gallon of water a day, and I am active in not just the sense of being in the gym. So maybe after all this I am doing ok?

So ladies why the heck do we second guess ourselves??? I will tell you…. I had a conversation with a girl in my gym and she was in tears because her doctor said she has gained too much too quick, and that she needs to eat better. The girl is in the gym working out, following a meal plan for 90% of her meals and yet her doctor still tells her she isn’t doing it right? Well why not stress a girl out….. Did the doctor care to take in consideration the hormones she has her on? NOPE! There is your big difference between my 2 week post photo and my pregnancy now. I was not on any hormones to get pregnant this second time. When I found out I was pregnant at almost 8 weeks they started me on some and took me off them at 13 weeks. So that right there makes a huge difference on my weight gain difference between my last pregnancy and my first. This client and I are two totally different scenarios pregnant so how can we even be compared to each other? The answer is we can’t!

So let’s get back to the point of why the heck do we compare ourselves to other people? We shouldn’t. If I have learned anything from being pregnant it is to look at my journey as my own and to look at what I do each day and not stress about the big picture. I am going to gain, I might get stretch marks, I already know my boobs will point even more south ;), and I know that all I can focus on is the day I am in and not tomorrow or 5 weeks from now. So my advice to all of you women who are pregnant, or who are trying to get their body back after you had a baby; is to be honest and true to yourself. Know your genetics, know its ok to mess up and get back on track, know that we are all built uniquely different, and know that your story is different from anyone else’s. But most of all I want all of you to know that having a baby doesn’t mean that you will never have the body you want after, or that you won’t have the time to dedicate to yourself. It simply means that yes things get harder and that time management will be crucial and of course you will not be perfect. But know you can do it, even if it takes longer for some of us. For me I am not ashamed to say now that yes I AM TIRED OF BEING PREGNANT AND FAT ! There you go! I want my beautiful blessing to arrive so I can meet her and love on her and I don’t feel selfish for saying this…..but so I can get my body back! Its called being human ladies!

Nobody can understand your pregnancy better than you. I encourage you to listen to your bodies, take care of them and be patient because in the end this is a beautiful (well sometimes lol) chapter of your life that for me will only happen twice. Its ok to not be perfect and its ok to admit that things are hard or that your struggling. But do something to remind you of what you are doing good, don’t make excuses for yourself and just let yourself go completely. Just focus on each day making healthy and active choices that work for you. For me running around chasing my daughter will be enough for me, and if I have extra energy I will get this booty to the gym, but if I don’t I will be content with what I can do.  Because like I said earlier I am not superwomen or the ‘guru’ pregnant trainer, I am just me. And after all this I can choose to get my body back and to not settle, you can too. And I encourage all of you to keep following me and I will keep my promise of being honest and track my progress to having my baby and then all the way back to getting my dream body back!

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A couple workouts for women tonight. Here are two workouts we went through early today with Brittney, Carly and Jessica.

Carly and Jessica both trained Hamstrings. Right now Carly has a minor issue so she can’t go to heavy with squating type movements so right now the goal is to focus more on rep manipulation and intensity vs going to heavy. With that in mind this was the following workout which would be a good challenge for anyone to try.

Exercise 1: Standing Single Leg – leg curls, 3×15 for a warmup increasing the weight each set than 3 sets of double reps on the top portion of the movement. So you will lift the weight all the way up, than half way back down, than back up and than all the way down and repeat. On the last set we did 3 extra reps that were a 3 sec negative on the way down. So 2×10 and 1×13

Exercise 2: DB Stiff Leg Deadlift Partials 4×15 superset with Lying Leg curls (normal reps) 4×10-12
The DB Stiff leg partials are to focus on the glute-ham tie-end area. We are trying to really feel the top portion of the hamstring/bottom of the glute. You can hit this area by doing partial reps. To do this we focus on getting a full stretch with bringing the DBs down to the top of your shoes and than only raise them back up to about knee height so it is not a full rep where you stand all the way up. Also the focus is to do this exercise fast so it a rapid fire where you are engaging the glute than releasing it and back and forth. Normally we do this for 15-25 reps because it not a movement to go that heavy on it more the speed that hits that spot of the muscle.

Exercise 3: Barbell Sumo Deadlift. We used 25 pound plates for these so we could get an increased range of motion down to the ground especially for Jessica who is shorter and than Carly just had to deal with it. But did 4 sets of 12 and when performing the movement it is not a power lift. we are not trying to throw on as much weight as we can and see how much we can lift. We are trying to feel the hamstrings and glutes again. So to perform this movement with that emphasis you want to get a good range of motion going down and than as you start to come up you want to squeeze your glutes and almost thrust your hips forward (slowly) to the point that you almost start to come up on your toes, this will really engage your glutes at the top of the movement. Again we are not using a ton of weight nor are we power lifting, the goal is to feel the hamstring and the glutes at the top. the last 2 sets we did a negative on the way down and than a slow 3 sec concentric lift on the way up and never locked the knees out and this forced constant tension on the hamstrings and glutes to really make them fire and feel it.

Exercise 4: Superset of Glute/Ham Developer Machine 3×10 with red band for added band tension super set with reverse barbell lunge for 3×10-12. Now when doing the reverse barbell lunge we do all reps on one leg at a time so you are not alternating. Also as you lunge back and than push forward to return to the start the goal is to use that back leg as minimally as possible and than never touch that foot on the ground except for when you drop it back to go back into a lunge. By balancing on the lead foot as you come up it forces you to engage that glute so balance is an important part of isolating the glute on this movement and is a great finisher to end your workout on. So if you come back to the start and touch your back foot on the ground than your not doing it right.

WORKOUT 2 with Brittney was Back and Shoulders

The goal of this workout is focus more on strength training. Since Brittney also focuses on the Bikini division we are still keeping a faster pace to the workout so she is also getting some sort of conditioning in vs a bodybuilder who does 1 set at a time and takes longer rest periods. So most of her exercises are super sets.

Exercise 1: Smith Machine Seated Shoulder Press super set with Pull-ups. On shoulder presses she started with a few warmup sets of 15 reps and than did about 4 working sets working from 10 reps down to 6 reps with a heavier weight each set. Pull-ups were in the range of 8-10 reps each set.

Exercise 2: Seated DB Shoulder Press superset with Close Grip Lat Pulldowns. On both movements the goal was to increase weight and lift a max effort weight for the reps given. 4 sets of 8-10 reps per set.

Exercise 3: Single Arm DB Rows 4×10

Exercise 4: Lateral Raise Machine with arms out to the side 4×8-10 superset with Standing Rope Pullovers 4×12-15

Exercise 5: Bent-over Rear Delt Cable Flies grabbing the cable pulley ball vs having an attachment on it. 3×12-15 – the goal of this is to feel the rear delts . You want to raise the weight away from your body at a 45 degree angle going forward vs pulling back. You should feel your pinkie going upward on this movement.

Exercise 6: DB Front Raises 3×10 each arm super set with Rope Facepulls 3×12. With DB front raise raise them up with your palm facing in or thumb sticking up to hit the front delt the best.

Give these workouts a try on our hamstring/glute workout or back and shoulder day.

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Hamstring workout from Tuesday night. The goal of this workout was to push the intensity with multiple ways to get the hamstrings to respond. There was some mental training going on here to with pushin weights that hadn’t done yet.

Exercise 1: Seated Leg Curl, 3 warmup sets of 15 reps. Than did 3 sets of double reps for 10 reps and a 4th set of doubles gettin about 6 reps with the weight stack and than taken about 100 lbs off and continued the double reps for another 8 reps or so. A double on the seated leg curl means curl the weight all the way down and than raise it half way back up than back all the way down for a good squeeze than all the way back up and repeat.

Exercise 2: Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift. Started with 135 for 10 reps than each set added 1 plate with the final set being 585 for 3 reps as in the video of Jermey doing them.

Exercise 3. Lying leg curls normal reps for 10-12 reps and superset with glute ham raises with white bands for 8-10 reps and did 3 sets

Exercise 4: single leg standing leg curl. 3 sets of 10-12 doing a 3 sec negative. On the last set did a normal rep for as many reps as possible shooting for at least 15 reps.

Exercise 5: Toe presses on the leg press for 15 normal reps, focus on squeeze and than super set with standing bodyweight standing calf extensions for 20 reps, 5 reps were double at top, 5 rep double at bottoms and 10 normal reps for 4 sets.

This was a very intense workout but still right at about 1 hour training time and Colton joined us tonight so a pretty fast for 3 guys lifting.

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Starting off, Jeremy is going to be focusing on competing in the USAs next July in the super heavies. His offseason weight has hit 310 lbs and has stayed pretty lean for being 300 plus pounds, Here is a look at a shoulder workout we did tonight.

This workout was focused more on going heavy. We have trained pretty high volume as well as heavy the last couple of years so our work capacity has developed quite a bit so our workouts now are actually usually right about 1 hour which is moving pretty good for the amount of weight being lifted and the volume we are doing but we have developed this work capacity over time so for someone training this way who is newer it will probably take you 90 min to 2 hours to complete a workout you see us post assuming you are pushing your body to the limit with the poundage being as heavy as possible and needing more recovery time between sets in order to keep the poundage heavier.

Started out doing shoulder presses on the smith machine: We do barbell presses at times but we are not power lifters and the goal is to go heavy and stay injury free so a lot of times will just use a smith machine for heavy shoulder and incline presses.

4 warm-up sets working starting out at 1 plate and working up to 2 plates for 10-15 reps

First working set was with 3 plates for 12 reps
Set 2 was 3 plates and a 25 for 8 reps
Set 3/4 was with 4 plates per side for 3-5 reps

Exercise 2: Seated DB Side Raises, when going heavy and focusing on more weight we do these seated which allows us to use a little momentum to use more weight for more of a power movement vs an isolate feel. Did 2 warm up sets with 40s and 60s for 10 reps
Than did 3 sets of 10 with 80s

Exercise 3: Hammer Strength Shoulder Press (double reps and negative)
this movement was focused more on keeping blood getting into the muscle to get more of a pump. Only use 2 plates per side for 10 reps but did a double rep at the bottom where you lift the weight half way up than back down than all the way up to the lock out position at which we than did a 3 sec negative on the way down. This really kept the tension on the muscle for a lot of blood to fill up in there.

Exercise 4: DB Front raises alternating for 8-10 reps each arm. Here did a couple sets working up to the working weight for this movement. Did 40s than 55s than working sets with 70s for 3 sets

Exercise 5: Incline Reverse DB Fly focusing on the rear delts. This is one movement you dont’ want to go overly heavy on because if you go to heavy than it will turn into more of a upper back movement vs a rear delt movement so 4 sets of 12 with 45 pound dumbbells was all here.

Exercise 6: Rear Delt Machine 3×12 focusing on a good squeeze and finishing off the workout with more blood in the rear delts.

This workout consisted of 20 working sets and with warm-up sets made it 28 sets total so that basically I go, he go rotation back and forth. so again 1 hour for this type of workout where the focus was on maximal weight was a pretty fast workout. So for someone who is not used to training heavy with high volume at the same time than I would recommend doing a couple warm up sets followed by 2 working sets where you are focused on lifting maximal weights for the rep ranges and over time work up to 3 to 4 working sets. One of the focuses over the last year actually has been to speed up workout time just because there no sense adding another 10 working sets to a workout so the goal has somewhat changed to lift the same amount of weight throughout a workout with less rest

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1st Trimester

When I was pregnant with my first I would hate to eat when I was sick, and so my calories were a lot lower. I gained 16 lbs my first trimester! This time around I force myself to eat when I am sick and it was only a matter of days before my body started to respond. If I didn’t eat I would get incredibly sick, if I ate I still was sick but not as bad. I am currently on week 12 and I am up 1 lb. I was sick every day from week 7 to week 11. Now I am still sick everyday but it comes in spurts. I focus every day on drinking 1 gallon of water and I drink 1 cup of coffee a day or a sprite zero. I eat at least 6 times a day every day.
Now here is the honest truth about what I WANT to do. I would love to sit and eat jalapeno kettle chips, a bag of cookies and a loaf of bread that I can make into toast! I would also love to do nothing all day but sit and play with Birkley and watch Netflix because I am so tired every day and nauseas. It’s amazing how a simple craving can make me want to literally tackle any person that gets in my way of any of these foods! It’s like I am split personality and as soon as a craving hits the world is ending if I don’t get it 😉 So the reality is being pregnant can make you a whole new creature. And any woman who denies that this happens has super hero powers that I would like to borrow.
So how do I resist doing what I WANT to do and stick to what I should be doing. Well really I have found a plan that works for me and one that I do not limit myself or feel deprived on. The meal plan I have shared with you is an outline of a basic day for me. That being said the measurements somedays go up on the portions listed or I eat more of my “snacks” than what is listed, but I don’t stress about it. I eat when my body is hungry but I give it clean food, minus my twice a week cookies 😉 Your body is burning more so it will utilize the food you give it, but you have to be fair with yourself too. Lots of chips, cookies and other junk will make you put on the weight quicker. And depriving your body of food and then eating junk when you do eat will make you gain quickly. So you need to find a balance where your body is getting clean food and is able to utilize it and burn it.
Here is a major tip to help you survive pregnancy …….do NOT let your friends and family cater to you with food and goodies all the time. It’s like when you become pregnant you wear a sign on you that says please feed the chubby kid, I mean really everyone is always trying to feed me!!! I am eating for two yes, but one of these little humans is the size of a small plum right!
Lastly I have been working out this trimester around 3 sometimes 4 days a week. The only cardio I do is walks with Birkley and chasing her around 😉 My workouts are easy. The first trimester is so crucial and your body is changing so much that I do not push it. First of all, I feel like I am working out on a dang ship that is in the middle of a storm at sea because my motion sickness is so bad. And second I get winded so quick that superset or circuits are pretty much complimented by a good solid 5 minute rest between sets. So my advice for right now is get through the motions. Don’t push it. The second trimester when I start to feel more human my workouts will get better, but for right now just be happy with the fact you made it to the gym 😉

Here is an idea of what an average day looks like for me for food.

Meal 1: ¾ cup krustez gluten free pancakes, 1 cup mixed berries, 3 turkey sausage links, sugar free syrup
Meal 2: 1 scoop vegan protein, 1 tbsp PB powder, ½ tbsp. cocoa powder, 2 cups coconut milk (this is the only way I can stomach protein shakes right now)
Meal 3: 4 oz boars head low sodium roasted turkey, ½ avocado, 2 slices turkey bacon, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, Sonoma wrap or UDIs gluten free bagel or bread
Meal 4: 5-6 oz turkey or salmon, 6 oz yam or ¾ cup jasmine rice, veggies ( I love peppers or zucchini right now that is pretty much about it!)
Meal 5: I try and do another shake but this doesn’t always happen so I will snack on some chicken or ground turkey. (these portions for this meal are not always consistent because meat is the one thing I don’t want to eat when I am really sick)
SNACKS: The amounts on these change everyday! But my usual is 6 butter rice cakes (or I do a couple slices of uddis small slice gluten free bread, 3-4 mandarin oranges ( and 2 times a week I eat 2 gluten free cookies or 3 😉 and honestly they are the serving of 4 for 2, because I by them gluten free already made at bakeries. )

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WEEK 2 Progress

Week 2 has gone like Week 1. after my Carb up Sat I was 288 Sat so a gain of 2 pounds. Today I was at 281 so 5 down from Sat morning, 7 overall from Sunday. I have felt my metabolism speeding up so I have gone with it and the only change I made this week is I added in a cup of cooked jasmine rice with one meal during the day. Everything else has been the same. I am still off all hormones until Oct 5th so another week for that. But I have been surprised my testosterone levels have not yet felt like they have crashed so I am hoping the change in how I feel is more relate to managing insulin levels through my diet. I have not been able to keep my testosterone up naturally through 3 years of fertility treatment so I am hoping it doesn’t all of a sudden go up just high enough to where I can’t a prescription for it. It won’t ever go up to peak levels again so an average test isn’t going to do me any good, in the event if that happens than I’ll just manage my HRT on my own with 6 month blood panels to make sure everything is as it should be.

if i  were in an actual contest prep I would not be doing cheat meals that often and so with my weight coming down as fast as it has this week along with week 1 I more than likely would have done a carb up yesterday or today vs waiting until Saturday. But since the goal of this dieting process is to show the lifestyle of being a bodybuilder so how to get ripped while still somewhat enjoying your lifestyle. So my commitment through this process was if Shawna wants to go out Sat night and eat something than I will do the same. She is pregnant so there is a good chance that will always be the case but it is also good to maintain a social life as well and still no you can accomplish your goals. Again, this is not a prep to get on stage, this is just a prep to get lean and ripped (not stage level conditioning) while managing the day to day grind of running a business, starting a new business (contest promotion) and managing my 3rd business  Sage Bubba Properties LLC in the purchase of our new building for our gym to move into which has been a constant grind with paper work and meetings and so on as well as just being home in the evenings to be a dad. So this program is referred to how to be a business bodybuilder.

Because I have other business I have to focus on outside the gym and managing contest and fitness clients. I have been training first thing in the morning the last few days as we get our sponsorship packages finished up to start marketing next week as well as some appointments for our building purchase. Do I like training at 6am, no I hate it, but you do what you have to do and manage the time you have available. In the past I would just train at night but that not always going to happen anymore with a kid now because it is important to spend time with her before she goes to bed. So early morning it is right now.

This week workouts were as followed:
TUESDAY: QUADS (normal training time, no point in squating in the early morning)
Leg Extensions: 5×10 – not intense, just more focusing on a squeeze to get blood in the quada and prepare for squatting as today was a max effort squat day to help Jeremy get ready for his squat meet in 3 weeks.
Squats: Worked up to two heavy singles, for me was 545 (For those who follow us on facebook you should have saw his 700 lb single which is crazy for a guy who doesn’t train for max singles ever. Than did 1 sets of pause reps at the bottom of the squat to focus on driving through the quads with 425 for 8 reps
Walking Lunges: 135 for 4 sets of 20 (10 each leg)
*becasue of the amount of time we spent squating this was a lower volume workout, normally we wouldn’t be taking as much time to squat but since we were focused on heavier weights we took longer so our overall volume was lower than normal.

This workout was also focused more on power and strength which is what we generally do when we train Chest and Shoulders together and than next week will separate them and focus on more volume
Bench Press: Didn’t have a spotter so worked up to a single with 425, was really happy with how easy it was, I have been doing 455 pretty good when we train together but still feel I made progress even with the weight being lighter because of how fast it moved up.
Seated barbell Shoulder Press, worked up to a double with 315
Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press 4×6-8, worked up to 5 plates on each side
Cable Crossover: 4×12-15 with 100 pounds
Lateral Raise Machine 4×10-12 with 130 pounds
*warm up was ab work


More focus on volume with this workout vs going heavy,
Lying Leg Curls worked up to 3 sets of 8 with 200 pounds which was the stack for this machine
Vertical Leg Press on the Smith Machine worked up to sets of 12 with 5 plates on each side, This can be turned into a hamstring movement by driving with your heels first to put the emphasis on your hamstrings
Stiff Leg DB Deadlift Partials with 165s for 10. This is a great movement for the high part of the hamstring, lower glute. For women who find themselves with that soft stop right underneath their butt, this is a good one to hit that area, Go all the way down the floor to get a good stretch and than you only come up to knee height and than back down, this keeps the tension in that area vs coming all the way up and hitting the lower part of the hamstring.
Glute Ham Machine with white band for 3×10
Single Leg leg Curl machine 3×10 with 100 pounds with 3 sec negatives on the way down, the last set once hit failure at about 8 than did 3 more half reps to keep pushing blood into the hamstring to finish them off.

Donkey calf Raises on the smith machine doing the 3 sets of 30 with rest every 10 sec in the stretch position
Seated Calf Machine Double rep on the bottom 3×12

Overall a good training week. I am not taking a day off tomorrow in which I normally would but I’m not going to get a chance to train until tomorrow evening at around 6pm or so therefore with training so early today and not training until late tomorrow it will actually be like having a day of rest since it will end up being about 36 hours between workouts. So i will train tomorrow night for Back and than again Sat mid day for arms, Than off on Sunday.

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Week 1 Wrap Up

Now that we are through Wed of Week 2 I should probably get my Week 1 wrap up done. The days go by fast.

Week 1 went very well. Started the week at 292 in the morning and finished at 286 Sat morning. I stuck to my low carb, high fat diet for the week. Saturday I did a carb up day. Since we had plans to go out and eat Sat night I did not do a structured carb day. I just make sure I ate about 100g of carbs with each meal. I took in about 500-600g of carbs Sat with the free meal. For me it doesn’t take much which is why I function very well on a low carb/high fat approach. Sunday morning I gained 2 pounds back so I started week 2 at 288. My first goal is to come down to 275 and see where I am at. I am off all hormones so that I can get my blood work done here in another week from today. I stopped those last Sunday.

Week 1 training went pretty well. I do well with high fat. I actually have better training sessions and progress that way which sucks becasue you want to eat more carbs but I just at this point know what I have to do. But I can get stronger when I go to this approach.

FRIDAY was Chest and Shoulders

Incline Bench Press, worked up to a double with 405                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Flat DB Bench did multiple sets with 165s for 10 reps, worked up to 2 sets of 5 with 185s                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cable crossover 4×10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Seated DB Side Raises 4×10 working up to 50s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Upright Barbell Row 4×10 with the last set being a drop sets. Used 25s on each side so started with 3, than 2, than 1 for 10 each

Good start to week 1. Down 6 pounds and than no changes to my diet for week 2. More workouts throughout the week are listed under the members only blog.

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I will begin dieting Monday 9/19 and to get back in contest shape. It seems like this is a trend now that I start to diet when Shawna gets pregnant but it just seems to work because she gets really sick for most of the pregnant so there not really anything we can do so might as well diet hard and train. I don’t have any intentions in competing in a show with our gym moving into our new building later this fall and us promoting our first show this next summer as well as Shawna being pregnant so just a lot going on that I don’t want to commit to a full out show prep but I will have to do baby pictures in the spring so might as well be shredded for that so that really the only goal. Unlike a contest prep, I will be doing 1 free meal a week so we can still at least do something once a week hopefully if she feels up to it. So pretty much how I will do that is if she wants to go out to eat on a weekend than I’ll do a free meal, if she doesn’t than I won’t. This could be looked at as a prep for the casual bodybuilder who is not competing but still wants to diet down to get that close to stage look just because.

My plan is to diet for 16-20 weeks just like a contest prep but not to the full extent of being depleted like the last few weeks into the show. I will also be discussing hormone replacement therapy in this blog as I progress because now that Shawna is pregnant we are done after this so I will be able to switch from my fertility hormone treatment (HCG) to hormone replacement therapy (Testosterone) later this fall. That will also help the dieting process a lot as well. These first 2 weeks of this process are actually going to be interesting because i have to let my testosterone levels bottom out to do blood work so they can see where my levels are at off the HCG. I typically will crash after 4 days so it may be a little bit of a sluggish week and half until I get blood work done. Once I do than I will post it here and discuss it and what the approach will be. HRT treatment is very new to the medical world so the medical world really doesn’t have it figured it out a 100% at this time and I have my own thoughts on approaches that I will go over as we get to that point but I will include everything I decide to use here in this blog.

Starting out here is my WEEK 1 diet. I respond really well to high fat, low carb approaches. I actually seem to get stronger when I drop carbs and increase fats. So for me I will actually feel more energized but again that may change with having to go off all hormones all together for these first 2 weeks so we will see. I like to keep it very basic, this will look very strict to people because there is no variety but for me I like the same thing, at the same time every day. I prepare all my food for the entire week, my eggs I prepare 3 to 4 days at a time so twice a week for eggs but otherwise my steak, turkey, chicken is all prepared for the whole week. If there is one thing I would invest in to help a prep or diet process, it would be Treager. I don’t know how I did previous preps without one but if you want your chicken or steak to be just as moist on Friday as it is fresh off the grill on Sunday than invest in one. They are a game changer with food and worth every penny it cost. Below is the starting plan and once a week will do a high carb day where I’ll go up about 500 or 600g of carbs, that is all I need to get carbed up. As I get older the less carbs I need which is good and bad, it nice not having to eat as much but at the same time it makes it a pain to not be able to eat more sometimes.

Starting out at 292 and I expect this week will probably come down to about 3 to 4 pounds pretty easy. Cardio starting out doing 4 days a week for 15 min. Lifting is pretty basic, This week Quads were today on Sunday, Monday be a rest day, Tuesday is back day, Wednesday Shoulders/Biceps, Thursday Hamstrings/Calves , Friday off, Saturday Chest/Triceps


10 egg whites
2 whole eggs
1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
2 slices of Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed

3 scoop or Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of extra virign olive oil

8oz of cooked chicken
2 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut oil
2oz of cheddar cheese

3 scoop of Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1.5 cup of oatmeal (measure dry)


10oz of 93% lean ground turkey OR steak cooked

3 scoop of Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of Natural PB



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